Municipal & Community Drinking Water Solutions

Containerised Water Systems

Containerised units containing full water treatment systems. Culligan can provide filtration, softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and disinfection technologies. Simply ship to site, connect and be up and running on day-1

Water Sources

Culligan systems are able to treat water from all sources:

  • ground water from wells and boreholes
  • surface water from rivers and lagoons
  • sea-water through desalination

Filtration technology

Culligan internally manufacture and assemble the pressure tank filtration technology used in this process allowing one of the fastest to market yet most customised solutions available today

Modular design

Modular design allows filters to be configured in twin-parallel, 2-in-series, and 4-leaf clover configuration. All operation is automatically controlled. This allows plants to be configured to meet your specific needs, with room for expansion in the future should regulations change and further treatment is required.

Full range of media

Culligan offer a full range of media to treat all types of contaminants found in feed water – arsenic, ammonia, heavy metals, turbidity etc. With patented multi-media for suspended solids removal, Culligan’s system does not require air-mixing and often does not require chemicals to aid with flocculation saving operational costs.

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Meet your Municipal Water Challenges with Culligan

Municipalities are facing significant challenges in providing clean potable water. 

Growing populations are placing increasing levels of stress on ageing infrastructure.

Tightening regulations coupled with the decrease in available fresh water supplies are raising the pressure to reuse and recycle even further.

Culligan’s modular water treatment systems offer an affordable, modular, reliable and fast to market solution to these problems.

Multimedia Filtration

For over 80 years Culligan have pioneered and refined pressure tank filtration with the use of different media types to provide drinking water filtration solutions for municipalities around the world.

Ideal for problem waters – Media solutions for  arsenic, iron, manganese, ammonia, turbidity and other contaminants

Up to 60% smaller than traditional filter systems. The higher filtration velocities possible in Culligan’s pressure filtration systems mean that systems can take up to 60% less space than gravity filters

Future Proof your plant – Culligan’s modular design allows the widest range of flows to be attained, and systems to be upgraded at a later date should regulations change.

Ideal for remote locations or communicates where it may not be economical to have extensive pipework networks connecting the area to a centralised treatment plant.

Reverse Osmosis for Drinking Water

Culligan has extensive experience providing reverse osmosis solutions for the treatment of water from rivers, wells and boreholes as well and sea water RO desalination.

Culligan’s team of technical specialists will work with your site team to provide a solution that will provide safe, reliable potable water whilst optimizing operating costs.

Our systems are skid mounted to reduce onsite construction costs and provide fast and simple installation.

Containerized water treatment units for challenging environments

Culligan’s water treatment systems can be installed into steel containers to create self-contained water treatment systems.

Thanks to Culligan’s modular equipment designs entire water treatment systems can be installed that are tailored to your particular feed water parameters.

Culligan Container Systems are ideal for:

  • Water treatment for drinking water in remote locations where municipal supplies are not available.
  • Providing drinking water and sanitisation for camps of workers building large industrial plants.
  • Emergency response in areas hit by natural disasters where the water network has been damaged
  • Temporary water treatment during plant shutdowns or emergency repairs
Municipal water treatments - Culligan

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