Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Improve Efficiency with Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Using the latest high efficiency membrane technology, coupled with robust proven designs Culligan can provide you with a RO system that is fast to ship and even faster to install. Culligan have decades of experience and thousands of RO installations around the world. Learn more about Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water Systems.

La tuyauterie standard est en acier inoxydable 316 côté haute pression et en PVC côté basse pression. Toutes les tuyauteries répondent aux normes alimentaires.

Protection par microfiltration – les membranes OI sont protégées par des cartouches de 5 microns logées dans un boîtier en acier inoxydable 316.

Le contrôle entièrement automatique est géré via un panneau de commande local ou un API (Automate Programmable Industriel), selon les exigences du client.

Des membranes haute efficacité sont utilisées pour éliminer 98,5 % du sel, assurant ainsi la production d'une eau de qualité supérieure.

Technologie de surveillance avancée – des débitmètres numériques et des sondes de conductivité contrôlent tous les aspects du fonctionnement.

Montage sur skid facilitant le transport et l'installation. Les châssis sont résistants à la corrosion, grâce à leur construction en acier galvanisé peint.

Les pompes haute pression Grundfos en acier inoxydable 316 assurent une fiabilité absolue et une parfaite résistance à la corrosion. Aucune pompe supplémentaire n'est nécessaire pour les opérations de purge.

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system:

  • Substantial cost savings
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced total system performance
  • Scale reduction
  • Superior taste and clarity
  • Spot-free rinses


Applications for reverse Osmosis (RO) water:

  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Boiler and Cooling Tower Pre-treatment
  • Pretreatment for high-purity water systems
  • Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Steam Production & Humidification
  • Power Generation

Culligan Reverse Osmosis Products

RO G1 Series - Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan G1 Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Flow rate 0.04 – 0.35 m3/hr

The G1 RO is a compact RO system designed for high-performance commercial and light industrial applications.

Equipped with digital flow meter for product-discharge, pressure gauges for pressure control in and out, online instrumentation for produced water quality and recovery ratios and high efficiency reverse osmosis membranes. The unit utilises the Culligan Smart Controller which as well as monitoring the system provides full text display in 4 languages and several flushing modes. The smart controller allows modular configuration of the units into two pass and alternating configuration as well as simple connection to networks such as building management systems or PLC’s.

The G1 RO is the perfect choice for commercial applications which require high levels of technology, monitoring and reliability.


RO M1 Series - Commercial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan M1 Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Flow rate 0.04 – 0.35 m3/hr

The M1 RO system, with enhanced features, is designed for commercial applications that require a maximum flow rate of 350 liters / h. The system is either wall mounted or can be supplied with a floor stand. The M1 is equipped with a pre-treatment sediment filter, flow meters and pressure gauges for the control of the inlet pressure and output. The unit is controlled via the Culligan CP control panel.


RO E1 Series - Commercial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan E1 Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Flow rate 0.04 – 0.35 m3/hr

The E1 Reverse Osmosis System is an economical water treatment solution, which reduces operating and post treatment costs. The E1 Reverse Osmosis system helps you reduce maintenance costs by reducing contaminants from your water that affect taste and can clog equipment. Control your installation costs by using a system configured for your unique needs. Keep your operating costs low with an easy-to-use electronic controller.


AQUA-CLEER SB200 - Commercial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan AquaCleer SB 200 – Integrated Pre-treatment + RO Water System

Flow rate 1.5 m3/hr soft water0.2 RO water m3/hr

Aqua-Cleer SB 200 is a complete water treatment system which includes reverse osmosis system as well as pre-treatment, all assembled on a small footprint skid for simple installation in any location. Ideal for installations such as food service that require softened water for some applications such as dishwashers, and reverse osmosis for beverage preparation e.g. coffee preparation.

The system consists of an ion exchange resin softener, brine systems, microfiltration, reverse osmosis water dechlorination and pressure accumulation tank.


MFP 4-44- Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan MFP – Reverse Osmosis (RO) for Medium Flow Rates

Flow rate 0.4 – 3.6 m3/hr

Using the highest quality components and construction methods, the MFP reverse osmosis unit is ideal for drinking water and industrial processes in any location.

The system is modular and compact and has been designed with robustness and longevity in mind. The MFP RO is mounted within a steel frame with no welded parts, guaranteed against corrosion. The system is controlled via an electronic control panel which monitors all operating conditions and displays flow, conductivity and other operating parameters.


IW-IWE - Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan IW Range of Large Flow Rate Reverse Osmosis Units

Flow rate 5 – 100 m3/hr on standard range (flow rates >100m3/hr available on request)

No limits for your water quality regardless of quantity—the Culligan Aqua Cleer IW series of reverse osmosis units processes water to help meet your most demanding and exacting industrial requirements. Utilising the latest in high efficiency membrane technology and the IW reverse osmosis series processes large volumes while reducing water waste. Units are skid mounted for fast installation, and thanks to the standardised designs offer fast delivery timings up to 40% less than field erected plant. Pipework utilises food grade quality corrosion resistant materials such as AISI 316 Stainless Steel, PVC and polyethylene. The system is you can manage the system using either a local control panel or via a touch panel PLC electronic controller.

Better quality water improves industrial processes by reducing contaminants that corrode and clog equipment, so your investment in the Culligan IW RO benefits your operations for years to come.


SW - Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products - Culligan

Culligan SW RO – Sea Water Desalination Reverse Osmosis

Flow rates up to 60 m3/hr on standard range (flow rates >60m3/hr available on request)

Culligans Seawater reverse osmosis (SW) series offers a cost effective and reliable solution for customers in water-scarce regions. The desalination units are suitable to treat water with a salinity of up to 45000ppm up to a flow rate of 60m3/hr on standard range (plants with larger flow rates available on request). SW RO units are modular and can be easily connected to manage larger flows as required. Materials of construction are suitable for high salinity waters using duplex 2205 high pressure pipe pickled and passivated for corrosion resistance.

Units are skid mounted for ease of installation, and thanks to Culligan’s modular standard designs you are assured fastest possible delivery times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse osmosis (commonly abbreviated as RO) exploits the ability of semi-permeable membranes to separate the water from the substances dissolved in it. Applying pressure, you can force the water through the membrane: the pure water (permeate) is well separated from the water containing the salts (rejection). osmotic membrane , which implements the more stringent level of filtration feasible, behaves as a barrier not only in respect of the salts and inorganic substances, but also of the organic substances of molecular weight greater than 100 daltons: it is therefore also an excellent defense against micro-pollutants, pesticides, pyrogens, viruses and bacteria . Reverse osmosis is a physical process which does not require the use of regenerating chemicals. Reverse osmosis technology offers a total security, thanks to its versatility, excellent performance and ease of use.

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